Portfolios: Being prepared for the future

Portfolios are very important aspect of getting a job, or even an interview. So its important to make your portfolio look good and professional. There are also different types of portfolios you could put together, depending on your future career choice, and job interview.

What goes into a great portfolio?:

-Quality content is definitely more important than the amount of things you have to showcase, go for a few excellent works, rather than tons of average work. Show only your BEST you can offer!

-Showcase your best skills and strengths in a relevant manner.

-Make sure its portable and easy to access!

-Only put things that you can talk about in an interview, the interviewer may ask questions about your work.

Types of Portfolios:

-There are paper-based portfolios, which are usually a collection of documents that showcase your work.

-Another type of portfolio is web-based, such as web-links, social media for photography , and blogs. Web-based portfolios are great because they show possible future employers that you can use the web.

-Web portfolios would probably work best for me because I want to show that I can use technology to my advantage .

Me and portfolios:

-In this class I have posts on my blog that demonstrate that I know how to create a parallax web animation, use HTML and CSS coding, and the photographic composition rules for taking great pictures, and how design work flow process works. Although these skills are completely non-relevant to my career choice, they are great skills to have and look great in portfolios!


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